5 Longest Train Routes in the World

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Longest train rides in the world—across Russia, the U.S., Australia, Southeast Asia, and India.

The Trans-Siberian Express
Distance: 5,772 miles

Duration: More than six days

The longest rail journey in the world (and getting longer) is the stuff of legend—a train ride that starts in Moscow and ends, more than six days later, in Vladivostok. Over the course of the journey, the train crosses time zone after time zone and the landscape changes constantly, from the Ural Mountains to Lake Baikal and all the steppes one could want in between. Trains depart every two days

Eastern & Oriental Express
Distance: About 1,200 miles

Duration: Three to four days

This classic journey aboard the Belmond Eastern & Oriental Express winds through Southeast Asia from Singapore to Bangkok (and vice versa), with stops at River Kwai and the Malaysian district of Kuala Kangsar. You can choose from routes lasting either three or four days, usually stretching over the weekends. Accommodations are private and richly decorated but compact, making the trip a great option for solo travelers.

The Canadian
Distance: 2,775 miles

Duration: Three days

There’s no Wi-Fi on VIA Rail’s transcontinental jaunt, so be prepared for hours of watching the scenery. Luckily, what you’ll see—snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the forest of the Canadian Shield, and the rest of Canada’s strikingly empty landscape—is breathtaking. Beginning in Toronto and ending in Vancouver, the ride is made even better by comfortable sleeper cars and the chances of seeing moose, deer, and even bears from the windows.

California Zephyr
Distance: 2,438 miles

Duration: 51 hours, 20 minutes

With each trip taking a little more than two days, this Chicago-to-San Francisco journey is the longest in the U.S. It covers 2,438 miles along the trail of the pioneers, taking in the Rockies, the canyons of Colorado’s Western Slope, and the Sierra Nevadas, but you can also jump off at Reno if you’re ready to trade nature for neon.

Vivek Express
Distance: Around 2,650 miles

Duration: Approximately four days

This 80-plus-hour trip on the Vivek Express is the longest train journey in India and one of the world’s longest as well, clocking in at approximately 2,650 miles. It takes between three and four days aboard the train to arrive, traveling the length of the country at an average speed of 32 miles an hour. There are 57 stops in total, beginning in the far north at Dibrugarh and ending in Kanyakumari, at India’s southern tip (pictured).

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