Digital T-Shirts to Express your Thought – Broadcastwear

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A different T-shirt to display your love for each of your favourite superheroes; a Fitbit to keep track of your quest to look more like that superhero; and a sleep-tracker for that much-required beauty sleep.
Or, you could just ditch all of these and make your clothes do all the work. At least, that is what the three founders-Ayyappa Nagubandi, Mahalakshmi Nagubandi and Saumil Shah-are aiming for with their startup, Broadcast Wear.

Image Credits : BroadcastWear Website

The Broadcast Wear Programmable T Shirt is the world’s best connected clothing model that truly looks cool and worth wearing. To the average eye, the Broadcast Wear Programmable T Shirt may look like a simple white t-shirt but it has the amazing power to allow you to share your current thoughts anyway you like. The Broadcast Wear Programmable T Shirt provides a platform for the wearer to express themself and leave an impression. It definitely is the future of self-expression and a great way to communicate with the world.

Easy to use, the Broadcast Wear Programmable T Shirt features in-built waterproof LEDs and is controlled using an App on phone allowing you to convey nearly anything. Still, that’s not all. Broadcast Wear’s programmable LED T Shirt is not just set-and-forget LED, it’s a live, actual connected entity that is ran by a huge brain, which is your iPhone in conjunction with a smaller brain-power built into the vest to process just about anything you desire to create and send straight to the in-built LEDs. From animation, to typed text, you’ll are free to sync it live with almost anything and then have it processed and presented in instantaneously onto your new Broadcast Wear Programmable T Shirt Who wouldn’t want one? The wearer controls the tee’s illustrations—images or words via Bluetooth with Broadcast Wear’s App for iPhone.

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