PostBristles or Whiskers? Ahh no! It’s the bearded dudes..

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Muttonchops?  Van Dyke?  Goatee? Don’t panic! , these are the names given to the different types of beard that the handsome looking dudes carry these days!

Beard expresses a mature man, a man with wisdom; it is regarded as a badge or a sign of virility. However these days beards have become more of a style statement and our idols are carrying the bearded look with such elegance that every guy wants to try out the bearded look.

In this post, we shall go through some of the beards and the face type it matches with.

Friendly Mutton Chops

Nah…Not the yummy delicacy that sells on the street of Delhi, India. We are talking about the Wolverine sideburns!! Or let’s say Alexander the great depicted extremely thick sideburns as portrayed in a mosaic by Pompeii.

Sideburns never run out of style, thanks to Hugh Jackman, Elvis Presley, John Lenon. These men have given the infamous sideburns a new definition.

Mutton Chops or sideburns suits a circular or a square face shape. It befits an oblong face well. To mount the cool sideburns keep growing your beard and visit a coiffeur, doing it by yourself may end up looking dreadful.

Van Dyke

A beard style named after a Flemish painter…yes.  A VanDyke is a style of facial hair named after 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck. A Van Dyke beard is a chin beard combined with but not connected to a mustache.

A Van Dyke is vintage and contemporary. It was considered unconventional and treacherous, but then Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Depp, Chris Cornell changed the way we look at Van Dyke. Carrying a Van Dyke beard means you are a bit of rebel.

Van Dyke consists of short, pointy beard and pointy mustache (often waxed) without any hair on the side of the face. To maintain a cool Van Dyke one needs to keep visiting the stylist often.

Van Dyke suits well on a longer face as the goatee will help round the face feature.

Balbo Beard

Guess what, a beard named after a henchman? Well, yes! Balbo beard gets its name from former Mussolini henchman Italo Balbo. But then when it comes to style we don’t really care where the name originated from all we want is to follow the trend.

Balbo is combined of a moustache with hair on the chin with a soul patch. The moustache doesn’t connect with the chin hair. However, the moustache and the beard do not team up. The best part is that it is easy to maintain and looks pretty decent.

Balbo suits most face types but it suits best on men with square and diamond-shaped faces.

Balbo is sensuous, enticing, inviting. Men with Balbo are projected as bold and dapper. A beard style most women love, so multiply some hair and impress the ladies out there.

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