Zuckerberg says his personal Data was included in Analytica Breach

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Mark Zuckerberg had his data accessed by Cambridge Analytica, too. In today’s Congressional hearings, the Facebook CEO admitted that even his personal information wasn’t safe. As part of a rapid-fire four-minute question and answer session, congresswoman Anna Eshoo from California asked Zuckerberg, simply, if his personal data was sold to malicious third parties along with that of 87 million other Facebook account holders. “Yes,” he answered.

Mr. Zuckerberg answered the legislators’ questions by saying that the company plans to put a tool “at the top of everyone’s app” where users will be able to make privacy and sharing choices. But the company may not offer affirmative consent — asking users to explicitly opt-in — in every country, depending on legal issues, he said.

Mr. Green also asked Mr. Zuckerberg if Facebook planned to comply with the provision in the European law that allows individuals to obtain a copy of the data companies hold about them. That data would include both the messages, posts and photos that an individual posted as well as details a company may have collected about them, European regulators said.

Facebook currently allows users to download a copy of their personal data like their messages, likes and posts.

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