10 Countries where iPhone X is Cheaper than in India

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a person stung by the prices of the new iPhone must be scouting places where they can get it cheaper. As with most Apple products, the price of the iPhone X in India is much higher than that in most parts of the world. We looked up the prices for this shiny new piece on Apple’s website and found a range of cheaper options in other parts of the globe (though specifications may vary). 

Here’s the list of Countries where iPhone X is cheaper than in India

Rs89,000 – Rs1.02 lakh

US$999 (Rs64,000) – US$1,149 (Rs73,700)

CA$1,319 (Rs69,400) – CA$1,529 (Rs80,500)

Hong Kong
HK$8,588 (Rs70,500) – HK$9,888 (Rs81,100)

AED4,099 (Rs71,600) – AED4,729 (Rs82,600)

SG$1,648 (Rs78,200) – SG$1,888 (Rs89,600)

AU$1,579 (Rs81,000) – AU$1,829 (Rs93,800)

CN¥8,388 (Rs82,100) – CN¥ 9,688 (Rs95,000)

New Zealand
NZ$1,799 (Rs83,500) – NZ$2,099 (Rs97,400)

£999 (Rs84,600) – £1,149 (Rs97,300)

€1,149 (Rs87,600) – €1,319 (Rs1 lakh)

So is it cheaper to fly to Hong Kong to buy the iPhone X, as many reports suggest? Don’t fall for that. If you do the math, you’re left with savings of Rs18,500 on a 64GB handset and Rs20,900 on a 256GB model. Same-day fares are nothing less than Rs22,000, even if you book six months in advance. And we haven’t even included transportation and food expenses. It just doesn’t work out.

Article Source : CNTraveller

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