Affordable Ways to Turn Your House Into Home

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Remodeling are homes can be an expensive process. However, if you want to play it smart, it’s possible to change the living space without getting hole in your pocket. We found out few easy ways to make your house more comfortable and cozy without making a serious financial investment.

Use frames for more than keeping empty walls

Use frames for unusual items. Try using a frame around an oversized mirror or a TV set. You can even make DIY frames for sockets and switches. This trick can make any interior look richer, turning an ordinary wall into a chic place.

Zone out your space

Dividing an interior adds coziness and a feeling of comfort and privacy to a home. There’s no need to build walls or buy heavy bookcases and racks as a separating unit. It’s enough to paint some walls into different colors or put wooden dividers. This trick is very useful for studio apartments and small bedrooms.

Decorate to keep Minimum

Ordinary things can become the highlight of an interior if they are simply reworked a bit. A new lighting costs a lot of money. Some cheaper options are, painting the old domes and drawing something on the bulbs — you’ll gain a modern designer piece that will make your guests look up more often. You can do the same thing with plain kitchen cabinets.

Changing headboard

A bed is a focal point in your bedroom — it is the most dominant part of the design of the room. Put more focus on the headboard and you’ll see how the whole interior can change.

Change Door Knobs

Shops are full of creative accessories. Take advantage of this by changing the doorknobs and handles of wardrobes, cupboards, and dressers. It will take less time than changing whole door and will make your home cozy and unique.

Highlighting Vs Hiding

Many interiors have pieces that spoil the whole look of a room, but can’t be removed. In the majority of cases, people try to hide or disguise these blunders. If there is some wall you don’t like simply use a wallpaper and make it look different. If there are some wires sticking out of a wall, they can be arranged into a pattern that’s interesting to look at.

Higher Shelves

If there is a lack of space that you feel can only be changed by moving to a new home, then an ordinary ladder may save the day. Don’t be afraid of placing high shelves right under the ceiling. There will be no dust and you’ll get significantly more space.

Keep Ceilings Simple

Sometimes, the simplest and cheapest option is the right one. Don’t bother using suspended and tensioned ceilings: they cost a lot and steal 4-7 cm of a room’s height. Instead of complicating things, simply prime the ceiling and paint it. Buy some beautiful lighting with the money you’ll have saved.

Create illusions

Mirrors are the best used when creating the art of illusion. Put several mirrors on one wall — they will replace any other type of decoration and will be a good alternative to photographs, posters or pictures. Moreover, they will add more light and volume to the interior, which is especially useful in smaller homes.

Rewarding 3D Floor Designs

3D floors are often used in bathrooms. They are made by using layers of epoxy resin in order to create the feeling of a 3D picture. This design definitely adds volume and depth to the interior and will surprise and puzzle anyone who steps into your bathroom. 

Tip of the day: Dont’t  be afraid to break the rules and show your individuality! There’s always a way to leave some space for new ideas. If you have any cool ideas on improving the interior without spending a lot of money, share them with us in the comments.


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