Apple plans to launch 4 new iPhones in 2018

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Apple New iPhones for 2018 & India Pricing

We’re nearly halfway into the year and haven’t laid eyes on a single 2018 Apple iPhone yet. But that’s all about to change because according to an exclusive report by Forbes, we’re going to see four new iPhones in the coming months, starting with a new iPhone SE in June.

Iphone Se 2018
Iphone Se 2018

That’s right, the iPhone SE is indeed getting a second generation model if the report is to be believed. Despite rumors that it’ll look like a mini version of the iPhone X, Forbes reports that it will retain the same design and even the name, but introduce upgraded internal components. Whether it will borrow them the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, we don’t know yet. But we know that the price will no longer be the modest $350 (Rs 23,500 approx) it was. The iPhone SE itself, to refresh your memory, is a re-engineered version of the original iPhone 5, which was released in September 2012.

Joining the second-generation club in September is the new iPhone X, accompanied by a larger iPhone X Plus and a cheaper but larger version of the iPhone X. The ‘Budget iPhone X’, if we may call it that, will have a 6-inch display and not a 5-inch one, as many expected. Sporting a metal chassis, single rear camera, and Face ID, the Budget iPhone X is expected to retail for $550 (Rs 37,000 approx), a price that’s touching the boundaries of the current iPhone 8’s price of $699 (Rs 47,000 approx).

Apple is expected to price the iPhone X Plus at just under $1000 (Rs 67,000 approx), and make lower end iPhones costlier to buy. Apple is also reportedly going to include fast chargers with all models, which should translate to a savings of about $200 (Rs 13,400 approx) on the outgoing iPhone X.

Article Source: DigitNews

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