Best Places for Pizza Lovers in Mumbai

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If you are a Pizza Lover by Heart, than there No Better Feeling in the World, than a Hot Cheese Dripping Pizza on your Plate. Here are the Best tried and tested options that you shouldn’t miss as a Pizza Lover in the City. We are sure you must have visited the places but just incase if you havent, its time you should be visiting them at the earliest.

Joey’s Pizza

One of the premier eateries in Mumbai for pizza is of course, Joey’s pizza. Their menu is not just elaborate, but also worth experimenting with. Some of the tried and tested options that you shouldn’t miss are the Meats Pizza, China Gate Pizza, Meat Ultimo Pizza and Tornado Pizza. You can even combine TWO Pizza’s into one if you dont want to order 2.

Cost for Two : Rs 700 approx

Store Locator : Joey’s Pizza on Zomato

Francesco’s Pizzeria

This chain of pizza is one the best places to make your own pizza. They provide you with a humongous list of options for bases, toppings, and sauces that you could add to create your own pizza. If you don’t want to do that we suggest you try the angry birds or notorious nachos pizzas.

Cost for two:  Rs. 1100 approx

Store Locator : Francesco’s Pizzeriaon Zomato

The Playlist Pizzeria

This eatery has a completely different spin on their menu which makes you crave for a bite of every option they have. They also let you make your own pizza by choosing from a huge list of toppings and sauces in their brick oven.

Cost for two:  Rs. 1100 approx

Store Locator : The Playlist Pizzeria on Zomato

The Pizza Express

One of the biggest pizza chains in town, Pizza express is the safest bet one can try when it comes to having an amazing pizza experience. Their Romana pizza collection will surely blow your mind off and make you never step into any of the regular fast food chains serving pizza.One of the premier Italian restaurants is here to take you on a very authentic Italian ride. The cook their pizzas on an Italian Lava stone which add a very different feel to the pizza. You could also have a wheat base pizza instead of the regular base.

Cost for two:  Rs. 1500 approx

Store Locator : The Pizza Express on Zomato

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