Best Places to Eat Shawarma in Mumbai

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Best Places to Eat Shawarma in Mumbai

While Mumbai swears by its Vada Pav, Ragda Patties, and Bhel Puri, one can’t deny the strong influences from the neighboring countries on its palette. Chinese cuisine has for long held its own amidst the extensive range of desi favourites, as well as Middle East food, which has its loyal fan following. One such delight is the Shawarma.

Let’s take a look the Best Places to Eat Shawarma in Mumbai.

Carter’s Blue, Bandra

Price Range : INR 180 Onwards

Modern Juice Centre, Colaba

Price Range : INR 110 Onwards

Shawarma Factory,Andheri West

Price Range : INR 220 Onwards

Khan’s, Mumbai Central

Price Range: INR 180 Onwards

Zaheer Bhai Shawarma, Mahim

Price Range: INR 210 Onwards

So, look no further and hit these places to satisfy the hunger!

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