Exquisite Chocolate Workshop with Fabelle by ITC Luxury Hotels

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Imagine walking into a beautiful boutique offering rich and exclusive chocolate and deserts, that’s what Fabelle is all about.

The ITC brand is well known for its amazing food and we should thank them for most famous food products offered by them. This time to our surprise they have something new and they offer us;
The New Fabelle Luxury Chocolates available exclusively at their boutique stores. But wait they didn’t stop just here, they have also begun with Chocolate making programme with their best 6 Master Chocolatiers. They have named it Société de Chocolat. The Fabelle Société de Chocolat is an exclusive chocolate-making program designed by the master chocolatiers of Fabelle chocolates at ITC luxury hotels.


Geared Up to be a Chocolatier

I enrolled for Société de Chocolat. basic chocolate making workshop at Fabelle ITC Maratha, Mumbai. I learned about the workshop through their Instagram Page @ Fabellechocolate. I can guarantee it’s one of the Mumbai’s top chocolate boutique. We were batch of four for the workshop. We were welcomed by Master Chocolatier Bhumika who served us Cold Coco Milk with the zest of Coconut and spoonful of Chia seeds. It was the perfect drink to quench our thirst and keep us refreshed for the entire class.

They began the workshop with a short introduction about the origin of chocolate. Some of the key points mentioned during the shorts discussions were what is chocolate made from, the Cacao fruit, cacao pods, cacao nibs and its process from cacao to coco. Fabelle has imported the chocolates from the best cocoa sourced from 7 regions of the world which cultivate coco plants. Master Chocolatier Bhumika later took us into an interesting lesson of chocolate tasting and served us with raw chocolates from fine cocoa growing countries of Africa and Latin America. She explained to us how These are then conched for hours to bring out the most sensational flavors’ and exquisite aromas. The art of tasting wine and chocolates is quite similar is what I learned today!


Chocolates Prepared during the Workshop

We learned to cook various ways of Chocolate & Coffee sauce, caramel sauce, mango coulee, making a tart base and chocolate cups. Also with that, they taught how we can make use of same sauces to use in cakes for layering and making the ganache. The chocolatiers in Fabelle are very well equipped to answer every odd question raised by the students, me asking 50 odd and getting satisfying answers for them. They also taught a very important lesson in chocolate making that is, “Chocolate Tempering’’. Chocolate tempering is an art as chocolate is tempered resulting in the unique, velvety mouth-feel.

The workshop came to an end with decorating personalized chocolate cups with various sauces taught previously. They also taught pipping techniques and tricks. Every student was given liberty to make and decorate his own cup which we can take back home as a gift or souvenir. We were also presented with Participation Certificate for attending the workshop by ITC luxury hotels. So to sum it up, the whole experience was worth every rupee spent for the workshop and I came out with a lot new lessons for my Cake and Chocolate orders.

Thank you ITC for taking a big leap and going ahead with Société de Chocolat.

Rutuja Keni

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