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Maharashtrian Flavours at Ghati Restaurant, Mumbai

As the Western culture has influenced us in our day to day doings, with every habit of ours we somewhere showcase the western culture embedded within us,  somewhere our healthy diet has been replaced by the Burgers, Pizza’s, Pasta’s and Colas. If you  have the knack of having an Authentic Cuisine and enjoying the food with your hands like the good old days. We are on the same page. Let us show you where you can get Authentic Maharashtrian Cuisine in Mumbai even though there only few places left now to munch on that Authentic Taste.

Ghati Restaurant Dadar

Ghati Restaurant is located in heart of the Mumbai City in Dadar, diagonally Opposite IndiaBulls Centre near Elphinstone. Ghati serves authentic and flavourful Maharashtrian dishes that are sure to tickle your taste buds. 

The name Ghati – derives from the people living in Ghat Regions of Maharashtra and so the Cuisine is associated to them. The nature of these people have been of hard work which is the main part of their day to day activities, so the food they need have has  to be nutritious and healthy. Ghati Restaurant thrives upon serving hygienic and tasty meals. Lets us look further are the types of dishes one can expect at this Restaurant.

Ghati offers almost all types of Maharashtrian food which includes meals ranging from Veg – Chicken – Mutton Thali’s in addition to you can get Pandhra & Tambda Rassa when you opt for a Special Thali. The Fish served here is fresh and very good to taste Surmai (Kingfish), Bangda (Mackerel), Bombil (Bombay Duck)  are the fish serving’s you can choose here.

During our Conversation with Chef & Owner of Ghati Restaurant – Mr Vikrant Ughade, we came to know more about this cuisine and dishes, as per him all the dishes are prepared in authentic style with utmost care and the Masala’s used to give the food flavour is mainly brought in from Satara & Kolhapur to get the food a meaning full taste. Chef, starts the day with freshly prepared preparations and you can enjoy the meal from 12pm onwards. 

As per Chef, Mutton Thali with Jwari(Jowar) & Nachani (Ragi) Bhakri are the Top Favourite of people visiting this place.        The Owner doesn’t believe in serving you Cold Drinks, as they not healthy and it doesn’t go with the food instead you can Opt for variety of Sherbet’s this place can offer you – Guava, Kokam & Karvanda Sherbet are the best one to choose from which helps you digest the food and also making you feel fresh without any kinds of preservatives in our diet.

As this place was meant to serve the masses the place is an budget eatery dishes starting for Rs 80 (VEG) & Rs 150 (Non-Veg) for a tummy full of meal.

Here’s how you can find them or Order Online

Ghati Restaurant, Opp Kamgar Stadium, Dadar West, Mumbai – Click for Map & Menu

OR Order Online on Swiggy or Zomato.

This is indeed a recommended place to visit if you are looking for Authentic Maharashtrian Meals in Mumbai.

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