Hottest and Coldest Places on Earth

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As the climate is changing as of Global Warming, the earth is experiencing major extreme conditions in its way, some places are getting more colder than expected and some are getting more and more heated than ever, Deforestation can be the major reason of the same, as its causing major environmental imbalance in the ecosystem, not only the humans are getting affected by the same but its even showing adverse effects on animals birds and sea mammals. Let us look towards most Coldest and Hottest Places on Earth.

Lets Begin with the Hottest One’s

Death Valley, United States

This Place in California holds the record of highest recorded temperature which was around 56 Celsius, Death Valley averages around 47 Celsius. Surrounded by mountains this places is located at 85 meters below the sea level, which is the reason for such hot climatic conditions.

Al-Azizyah, Libya

This place lies around 50 kms south of Tripoli, where in 1922 the world experienced its hottest temperature of 58 Degrees Celsius. In 2012 World Meteorological Organisation held back the record as the person who was in charge of keeping the record of temperature wasn’t available and reading was taken by a less experienced weather keeper.   

Dasht -e-Lut, Iran

In the time period between 2003-2010 this place has recorded the highest land temperature of 70 degrees celsius, its one of the driest places on earth.This place has sand dunes rising to 500 meters.

Now as its getting too Hot lets move towards the Coldest ones…

Vostok Station, Antartica

Located near South Pole at an height of 3600 meters from the Sea-Level, the Russian Station is one of the coldest place to be, in the year 1983 the temperature registered here was around -89.3 degrees celsius.

Oymyakon, Russia

Oymyakon is located around 350 kms from the Artice Circle in 1933 this place had recorded a tempreture  of -67 degrees celsius, making this village one of the coldest inhabited places to live in the world.

Ulaanbataar, Mongolia

Ulaanbataar is around 1300 meters from the sea-level in Mongolia, in midst of the hills and valleys. It is described as the world most coldest capital city. in the month of January the air temperature hardly goes above -20 degree celsius.

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