How Jawaharlal Nehru looked according to Google India

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  • When one types in ‘India first PM’ into Google India’s search bar it answers correctly
  • The search engine spits out a Wikipedia link right up top which says Jawaharlal Nehru was India’s first Prime Minister
  • But the photograph that comes with the information is decidedly not that of Nehru


A Glitch into Google’s Algorithm has changed the History of India, or should we say the our current PM Mr. Narendra Modi has become so powerful all of sudden that even Google is now only showcasing him everywhere. Here are few examples of what been happening over the Internet.

Google Search -India’s First PM

Curious netizens took to Twitter late on Wednesday night to share screenshots of Google’s “faux pas” search results of India’s first Prime Minister which mysteriously displays India’s current PM Narendra Modi’s photo.

Google Search – India’s First Finance Minister 
Result – Image of  Current FM Aurn Jaitley
Google Search – India First Defence Minister
Result – Image of  Current Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman
Google Search – India First Lady PM
Search Result – Image of Current PM.
As everybody Googlin’it nowadays, we hope Google rectifies the mistake at the earliest or the younger generation of live of the internet, would truly indeed believe that, this is how Our First PM looked like.
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