Important Things India has Gifted to the World

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Indian inventions and discoveries have been instrumental in shaping the face of the current modern world. We picked up few such interesting findings that will amaze you.Being one of the oldest civilisations in the world, complete with a rich history and culture as well as a strong and long scientific and technological tradition, it comes as no surprise that many significant inventions have come out of India.


If you’ve ever undergone Ayurvedic therapy, you’ve got to thank India for it or more precisely, the Father of Medicine, Charaka, who was one of the prime contributors to Ayurveda. ‘Ayurveda’ means ‘science of life’; it is a traditional school of medicine, invented and practised in India for over 5,000 years, and helps people attain good health and living, without the use of prescription drugs. This ancient system of medicine has persisted even in the 21st century, and in recent years, it has gained popularity across the world as a complementary and alternative medicine.


The ancient Greeks used to wear animal skins and were not even aware of cotton. But Indians were sort of cool and started cultivating cotton during the 5th – 4th millennium BCE in the Indus Valley Civilization. The word spread to the Mediterranean and beyond and soon everyone was ordering one from Flipkart. Well, pretty much.


The word shampoo is derived from Hindi word Chāmpo” and dates to 1762. The shampoo itself originated in the eastern regions of the Mughal Empire where it was introduced as a head massage, usually consisting of alkali , natural oils and fragrances. Shampoo was first introduced in Britain by a Bengali entrepreneur from Bihar named Sake Dean Mohamed.


Indians were the first ones to use and invent buttons

Ornamental buttons made from seashell were used in the Indus Valley Civilization by 2000 BCE. Some buttons were carved into geometric shapes and had holes pierced into them.

Game of Chess

Chess developed out of Chaturanga, which is an ancient strategy board game developed during the Gupta Empire in India around the 6th century AD. Now you know why Indians at playing Chess are  such a pro

First University of the World – Takshashila University

As early as 700 B.C., there existed a giant University at Takshashila, located in the northwest region of India.  It had 300 lecture halls, laboratories, a library and a towering observatory for astronomical research. A Chinese traveler, Hien Tsang wrote in his diary that it had 10,000 students and 200 professors.

The USB (Universal Serial Bus)

A man with many accolades under his belt, Ajay V. Bhatt (an Indian-American computer architect) made the USB, a little removable storage device that is capable of holding a large chunk of data storage and transfer. Plus, it’s easy to carry and use.

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