ONE WORLD ONE RIDE – 2 Men, 35 Countries, 68000 kms & 2 MotorCycles

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ONE WORLD ONE RIDE – 2 Men, 35 Countries, 68000 kms & 2 MotorCycles

One world one Ride

We all have the ambition to travel to different parts of the world, sometimes we all get engrossed in the thought of where to go and how to go, well most travel by air, while some choose the sea and there are few who want to get it going through road, though not a familiar sight in our country but yes there are few and they are rare and yes they are Indians. Does it feel confusing, well let’s break the ice and get it going?

ONE WORLD ONE RIDE – 2 Men, 35 Countries, 68000 kms & 2 MotorCycles.

Debasshish Ghosh and Dharmendra Jain are the two names have done our country proud by touring the world on their motorcycles, the team Indian Pair of MotorCyclist was successful in achieving this feat. Their Ride began from Mumbai on 10th June 2017 on their
High-End BMW Motorcycles to which they returned back to the Homeland only after 270 Days of extensive riding.

The Ride was going to be a Real Test experiencing different riding conditions too treacherous weather conditions and coping up with different rules of the different countries.

one world

The Duo had narrowed down on the following route for the journey –
Mumbai(India) – Myanmar – Thailand – Laos – China – Mongolia – Russia – ( Now into Europe ) Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania – Poland – Germany – Switzerland – Czech – France – Spain – (Now into Americas ) New York – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Mexico – Colombia – Equador – Peru – Chile – Argentina – Moving to Australia & ASEAN countries before heading to homeland by crossing MOREH Border into India.

The journey was a smooth journey expect few but not any major incidents on the way, a wrong turn here and there and it isn’t fun if you don’t get a foreign traffic violation which makes one of memory to cherish on.

Debasshish Ghosh and Dharmendra Jain met a renowned Motorcyclist from Switzerland while through their journey into Estonia, the Duo can be seen riding and sharing good moments with their friend “Killer”.

debu and dj bhai

While wrapping their bikes for transportation from one continent to another, Debasshish Ghosh aka Debu called up his partner Dharmendra Jain with words DJ Bhai to which his partner responded with Ha Bhai, which become a famous line on the internet which goes by “DJ Bhai, Ha Bhai “.

Here is a glimpse of the Ride through their official Youtube Video Channel :

Mr Ghosh said that this long journey across the world helped them to discover and learn new things, understand weather conditions, local traditions and customs. It has also helped them to understand more about cultural diversities and to overcome language barriers. And during the journey, the two attempted to promote India as “a peace-loving country with multi-lingual, multi-cultural peoples, its glorious traditions, and a rich heritage.”

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