Places to Eat at T2 – Mumbai Airport

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Travelling can be hectic you are probably going to like to or may not, airline food are pretty hygienic and may be delicious as well, but food at 30000 feet doesn’t taste the same what it tastes on the ground as of the atmospheric pressure, So here we done a quick research for you on places you can eat while your on the ground and have time to board the aircraft. We made up two sections for International & Domestic Departures where you can eat good and tasty food. 

International Departures


Must Try –  Indori Poha & Jalebi


Must Try- Oats Idli

Street Food by Punjab Grill

Must Try- Chole Bhature

Asia Seven

Must Try – Dim Sum Sizzler

Baker Street Bistro

Must Try- Avocado on Toast

Domestic Departures

Street Food

Must Try – Matka Biryani

Fresc Co.

Must Try – Spaghetti Pasta


Must Try – Quinao Upma & Kulad Chai

Bottoms Up

Must Try – Beer Tower

Baker Street

Must Try – French Press Coffee

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