Technology we knew 20 Years ago

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For every one  who did not exist before the late 21st century, here’s what internet in the ’90s and early 2000s was really like. Here’s what the Humans did to survive without Facebook & WhatsApp.

Floppy Disks

Pen drives, Cloud Storage, Google Drive might be the latest trend now but two decades back all you could use to store your data was the FLOPPY DISK DRIVE. no matter how important documents or photographs all needed to be stored in 1.44 MB Floppy Disk.

Dial Up Internet

Internet Connection was merely connecting your phone line into the Modem Jack, all you could get was the maximum of 56kbps speed at that time, comparing to now 200+Mbps connections which feel are slow, if somebody had to call you then on your phone as the were no mobile connections them, all the caller could hear was a busy tone, unless your off the internet. NOW thats a way to keep all Nagging callers at Bay.

Yahoo & MSN Messenger

Whatsapp and FB Messenger are just couple of options to choose from 100+ available today, 2 decades back all that you could have done is signed into MSN & Yahoo Messenger if you like to chat to someone, the best part was the joining the similar interests group, it was a real task to find someone to find then.

Windows 95

Using Windows 95 on your computer really did give you feeling like BOSS, with scarcely anyone having computers those days, it was indeed a sight to be photographed to see someone or you self using the computer, WIN 95 certainly might have loads of problems of its own, but it did really made you feel like the TECH KING of the ERA,

HOTMAIL & Yahoo Email

Having an Hotmail & Yahoo mail id Two Decades back was a status symbol, when the countrymen were still running to the Local Post Office to draft the letter, conveying someone your Email Id sure must have made you look like an Advanced Human Being of the Time.

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