Things you might regret 10 Years from NOW!

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Week after week passes by in constant fuss, and behind all of this we often miss the most important things. Yet it can take years to understand this. Years we could spend quite differently, with greater benefits. Here are few things which are the most common things people tend to regret after at some stage in their life.

  Not Studying and taking Education for Granted 

Not Studying Enough - Mindit Website

Education is the most important part of our life. At the early age we take it for granted and we face the consequences later in our life. Don’t take education for granted.

Didn’t had the courage to ask out the one I loved

asking girl out

You love someone but never ask them or we are afraid of expressing our feelings. But you certainly regret it. The five second courage could have changed your life.

Took the high paying job instead of the job of the job I always wanted 

dream job

You always wanted your dream job but it pays less than other jobs. So you took the high paying job and now you regret it because you have no job satisfaction.

Misbehaved with my parents at certain point 

misbehaving with parents

There is a point in everyone’s life where friends become more important than parents, we listen to our friends on every aspect of life. We misbehave with our parents, you realise it when are no more, the only things left are memories.

Didn’t care enough about fitness 


You partied like animal, ate and drank whatever you wanted then grown fat or developed health issues at early stage of life. This is something you will always regret.

Got addicted to things I didn’t wanted to 


 You started smoking and drinking at early stage of life just to try the things. But in that Period you got addicted to it and it’s impossible for you now to get way from addiction which is now ruining your personal as well as social life. Think about this.

Choose looks over Nature 


You loved someone just because she was beautiful. Got married to her/him. Now you fight everyday because you guys are not compatible with each other. Looks fade but nature stays. Choose wisely.

Didn’t traveled enough 


                         The world is a beautiful place and our life is not enough to cover it entirely. Traveling heals your soul.

Source : Malay WarankarTraveler by Heart and Marketer by Profession

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